Monday, August 31, 2015

RPG a Day Follow Up, Zak's Additions.

Notice: I am not taking down this post because I feel it is more important to leave it up, but also update everyone on what is happeing now as February 11, 2019. Please see this newer post first.

So +Zak Smith added some more to the RPG a Day, because sure. Why not.

Here are my answers.

1. Worst game you ever played
Hmm. I hate to speak bad of con games, but there was a game at the most recent Gen Con that was terrible.  The GM tried to be funny, but he was terrible at it.  We had to rescue this dragon's drinking buddies from a wizard. Just not good.

As far as games I have bought.  The "Bram Stoker's Dracula RPG" was just awful.

2. Interesting rule embedded within otherwise baleful game
Interestingly enough the same games.  The con game used a book of random effects that would be great under other circumstances.

Bram Stoker's Dracula has a great collection of firearms for the Victorian Age.

3. Game you never played but you knew it sucked just looking at it
World of Synnibar. Though I admit a certain amount of curiosity about it.

4. Game you most wish didn't suck
FATE.  I really, really wanted to like it. But in the end it is just too empty for me.

5. Game about which you have the most mixed feelings
True 20.  I love the idea of the game, love playing it. Wish more could have been done with it.

6. Old game most in need of an upgrade
Star Frontiers.  Loved this game and it's time has come again.

7. Game you can run with the least prep
Ghosts of Albion.  Half-bake an idea and give a d10.

8. Game with awful art (and who you wish you could hire to fix that)
Second Edition Chill.  Though the art is not awful, it just doesn't give me the feeling it should.  I would hire Christopher Shy to redo it, but I am afraid it will end up looking like World of Darkness or Dark Matter.

9. Best houserule you've seen in action and now use in your own games.
My buddy Greg uses a "cool factor". Any roll of a 20 on a d20 results in getting a cool factor that can be used right away or saved up for later like a drama point.

10. Game you've most changed your thoughts/feelings about
Swords & Wizardry. I used to hate it because I was comparing it to Original D&D (which it is not). I changed my mind when I decided to just compare it to itself.

11. Game you'd use to run just about any setting if you had to
Again. Ghosts of Albion.

12. Game that haunts you and you're not sure why
Man, Myth & Magic. A game I wanted to like but there is just not enough of a game there to like. But some of the ideas would work in other games.

13. Game that would probably be most fun to play a bee in
Mutants & Masterminds.

14. Best Star Wars game?
I am going to get hell for this, but I love the WotC Revised Edition.  I loved the d20 rules and for me Star Wars and D&D go hand in hand.

15. Game that's good in theory but you're kind of on the fence about it to be honest
Savage Worlds.  I know there is a good game there, but it has yet to jell with me.


Justin Ryan Isaac said...

You and I have similar feelings about Savage Worlds and FATE. I want to like Savage Worlds but I'm on the fence. FATE just seems like it should be cool, but I don't like it.

Jeff said...

The problem of FATE is that it's a meta game game. Most players go out of their way to avoid complications (or so they think), where as FATE is all about making complications, so you can earn fate points, to spend doing complicating things. And, to do all this, you are "warping fate", which changes the story, which bothers some people. The rules are soft, so that breaking them is easier, and that bothers a lot of folks, because they want the rule to be THE RULES. It's a game where everyone can take part out of turn, because everyone can effect everyone else, by using fate points. In the end, you must have the ability to think about the game in a different way than you would playing any version of D&D, except for maybe 4th. It's far better for those that have never role-played before, really.

Savage World always seems to be a simple game, that got over complicated. If it din't have Bennies and cards, it would make more sense in my head. Then, you have the character sheet that looks like it came with RoleMaser...