Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Its not "humpday" Its Wednesday! Adult Wednesday Addams.

It should be no surprise that I am a fan of the Addams Family.  The old TV show, the newer movies. Also no surprise that I am a fan of both Moritica and Wednesday Addams.

Thanks to Kweeny Todd I have discovered +melissahunter and Adult Wednesday Addams.

Little Wednesday is all grown up and trying to make it as an adult in LA.  You know things like finding an apartment, getting a job and dating.

The series is funny and hope she does more.

AND a new one from earlier today!


Greyhawk Grognard said...

Those were absolutely hilarious. Now part of my regular Wednesday viewing. Thanks!

I think the job interview was the best one so far. :-)

Unknown said...

I detest the word "humpday" as it is, but this post is great and makes Wednesday even better :)

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying these greatly. Nice to see that they are reaching a wider audience.

GeoffN. said...

Oh, good grief, now I have something else to watch!

Unknown said...

Love these so much!! Glad i found whilst i was searching for similar posts to my "adult wednesday"

Unknown said...

YES i love this! So glad you posted it and so glad i found it when i was looking through related posts to my recent Adult Wednesday Addams post!