Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zatannurday: Team-ups

I wanted to talk about the new Trinity War from DC.  The big cross over with all the "Justice Leagues" including the Justice League Dark with Zatanna.

But I have not bought any of the comics yet.  Frankly I might just wait for the collected trade if it ever comes out.  I also have not seen any new cospaly pics yet from SDCC.  No new Young Justice anymore.

So in the spirit of crossovers.  Here are some more Zatanna team-ups and cross-overs of various sorts.

week 134 Carmine Infantino tribute by ~StevenHoward on deviantART

Zatanna sketch by ~JLRincon on deviantART

Commission - Deadman, Constantine, Zatanna by *tyrannus on deviantART

Zatanna + Scarlet Witch by ~HaphazardMachine on deviantART

Counterparts: Zatanna Zatara and The Scarlet Witch by ~nhiaphengthao on deviantART

Annataz Arataz, The Mistress of Mayhem by ~krystenperes on deviantART

Who knows about this one.

Zatanna Deadpool And Pikachu By Dannith by ~Kenkira on deviantART

And Zee with herself.

Zatanna Fetish by ~Youngjusticeaddict on deviantART

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Martin R. Thomas said...

Trinity War has been good so far. It's only two issues in (not counting the Prelude from Pandora) so there's not a lot to go on, but the last issue of the JLA was cool. Lots more info on The Question, and the various writers and artists on each book have been doing a great job handling the characters from other books. You should definitely check it out.