Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Post is Suck

So yesterday I posted about my defense of the blog Your Dungeon is Suck and I got quite a lot of comments.

I appreciate everyone that took the time to explain themselves and took the time to try to explain me as well.

I think we all agree that YDIS can be a bit vitriolic and I think we all agree that the attack on Christian was beyond the call really.

For me, YDIS serves a purpose. What purpose is hard to simply quantify.  It serves as satire (though it is not really a satire site), it serves as informational (the guy is obviously paying attention) and it serves as an ego-check it some respects.  I don't want to say that it is "needed" now, but again to me it fills a niche.

James of the Underdark Gazette made the very good suggestion that maybe we do need a satire site.  I agree, I also know I am not the guy to do it.  Maybe what we need (there is that word again; it is lowercase "need", like I "need" coffee not "Need" water and food) is something more akin to Mad Magazine or Weird Al.

Well I am going to keep on reading Your Dungeon is Suck since I do find it amusing.  Hell I spend most of time here talking about games I starting playing at age 11-12, it should be no surprise that the same level of humor makes me laugh.  Maybe one day he'll turn his acerbic tongue (keyboard??) my direction cause man I have to ripe for mockery by this point.

I have to admit it but I share Jim Raggi's point of view here, http://lotfp.blogspot.com/2010/03/little-perspective-on-internet-and.html (and which you can see my original post) of course I promptly and rather publicly disagreed with everything else he has said or done since.

Contrary to Raggi's position, one thing is obvious.  The support everyone showed for Christian and to a lesser extent the time everyone took to comment on my blog, either to agree or disagree, shows that we are in fact a community.


Padre said...

Thanks Tim, and I agree like or not once one gets into a conversation on a blog they are participating in some kind of community.

dogrodeo said...

I liked your post yesterday. I read YDIS as well as the various OSR blogs mentioned and I enjoy them all. The two points I have noticed in all the coments seem to be that 1. People say they appreciate criticism but only if it is presented in a fashion they find appropriate and 2. They dont like this " troll " but are willing to comment on him and give him exactly what he desires.

James said...

"Mad Zagyg's OSR Review." :)

I don't know about "need," but an affectionate, satirical look at all our wacky doings, wouldn't be a bad thing. The kind of warmth and respect you see in a real "Roast" would be a necessity.

And thank you, Tim, for making a valuable contribution to this whole discussion.

Trey said...

I thought both yesterday's posts and todays were good ones.

I don't think a little satire would be a bad thing. I think tone is what differentiates that often from bullying or personal attacks.

@Dogrodeo said: "People say they appreciate criticism but only if it is presented in a fashion they find appropriate"

I think that's quite sensible and the way everybody feels--even those providing criticism. The blog in question's response to recent criticism is a good example.

Chaz said...

Good post Tim. I'm glad that someone else can appreciate a little satire.

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