Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buy some books!

I have a couple of posts on this topic, but want to separate them so they get the due attention they need.

First (because it is the more time sensitive of the two) is today is Girl Genius Day.  No really it is.

From Jeff Grubb over at Grubb Street.

Girl Genius Day

OK, here's the plan.

Over to the right, there are a bunch of online comics that I read. One of these is Girl Genius, which is a very cool "steampunk romance/mad science" strip by Phil and Kaja Folgio. With me so far?

Now, Phil and Kaja have written a novel, Agatha H and the Airship City, from Nightshade Books (which is a small independent publisher of really good SF novels, but I digress). It is a novelization of Agatha's origin story. And said book is available at your local independent or chain bookstore, or online at Nightshade or at sites like Amazon.

The plan is that, if you want to buy the book, buy it today. That way there is a bump in the electronic sales (it is at #27 in books at Amazon as I write this). It's a birthday present for Kaja. Also, if you're in the Seattle area, Phil and Kaja are doing readings in the area over the next couple days.

Am I buying the book? Well, to tell you the truth, I bought it a while back, at my Local Comic Store. It showed up there just before Christmas, and made a great gift for the Lovely Bride. So if I can get it back from her, I'll read it. No, really.

So there you have it.

Buy a copy of Girl Genius and see just how good this series is. And an origin story, how cool is that?
More in a few hours.

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